Blog Challenge-Week 2-It’s a small world

This week, I chose to do activity 1, in which we had to create an avatar and upload it to be our profile picture, and activity 5, which was an optional activity to work on if we had time. In activity 5, we had to create  story of a small animal. Here’s my story!

••••••••••••••••An Insects Life••••••••••••••••

One sunny, spring morning in Insectville, a monarch butterfly named Madeline laid an egg. She said something to a butterfly named Claudia, and then flew away. None of the other insects noticed this, since they were all doing their own work. This doesn’t mean that other creatures outside of Insectville were’t watching, because a very sly spider was perched on his web, gazing out over Insectville. He thought to himself, “Ah, it’s almost lunchtime. Time to start looking for yummy treats!” He scoured the area for a meal, when something caught his eye. “Why, today is my lucky day! I’ll be able to capture a fresh laid butterfly egg!” he said.

Little did he know that Claudia, who happened to be a painted lady butterfly and a mind reader, was monitoring what their predators were planning. The sly spider continued on, and eventually came to the milkweed plant, where Claudia flew up and scared the spider. After all the commotion ended, Claudia noticed that the little larva inside the egg was giggling. She decided to name the baby Hilary, which means “cheerful”.

When Hilary crawled out of her egg, the Claudia was the first one she saw, and Hilary immediately assumed she was her mother. The spider also saw this moment, and he was going to try again. As usual, Claudia was surveying her surroundings and found out that the spider was planning to attack again. This butterfly was a wise one; she went up to her friend, Violet the Viceroy butterfly. Violet was a distant cousin of Madeline, so she looked almost like her, but she was a different species. The other difference between the two, was that Madeline was poisonous, while Violet was not. Claudia asked Violet to act like Madeline, and since Violet was an expert on mimicry, she agreed.

When the spider approached, Violet pretended she was Madeline and hovered around Hilary. The spider stopped in his tracks, because he had a vision, of the day when a butterfly found him playing dead on the ground. When she touched him, he started to laugh. He stood there for a period of time, and then he just stared at Violet. Violet stared back, and then fluttered to the ground. She said to the spider, “Mark, is that you?” “Um, yes. How do you know me?” replied the spider. “You’re the spider that ran away from me,” Violet answered. Mark just stared in shock. After a while, he went up to Claudia, “Please forgive me. I never realized who I was until now. I will never try to eat…” “Her name is Hilary,” answered Claudia. “Yes. Cute, little Hilary,” confirmed Mark.

As the years passed by, Hilary grew up and became a beautiful monarch butterfly. Another surprising thing that happened was…Mark became a very close friend of Hilary’s! After he made a commitment to not harm Hilary, he realized that there are lots of other things to be doing, rather than being evil.


3 comments to Blog Challenge-Week 2-It’s a small world

  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Aashi,
    What a very descriptive story. I love the storyline of different butterflies helping each other.

    Do you know what would make the story better? If you put in some paragraphs instead of just one big story. Paragraphs makes it easier for your visitors to read.

    • Aashi says:

      Hello Mrs. W,

      I agree that it would have been easier if I had used paragraphs. I have used your opinion and have added paragraphs.

      Thank you,

  2. Anastasia says:

    Hello Aashi,
    My name is Anastasia, and I love your blog.
    Your posts are really interesting.
    Could you please check out my blog?
    Sincerely Anastasia

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