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Things that make families great

Having a family is the best thing you can ever have. Some of you might not agree. Maybe because your siblings might annoy you a lot, your parents keep bugging you to do your chores, or other things. My sister annoys me a lot too, and my parents are always telling me to get stuff for them. Your family isn’t trying to be mean to you, though. If your siblings annoy you, they’re just having fun with you, and you are just helping your parents make their job easier by doing chores.


You may not have any best buds’ to play with at recess, but don’t worry, because your family will always be there for you. This doesn’t end when you’re an adult, and everyone has separated, though. First of all, it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to see each other again…even if you live at opposite ends of the world. You can still see each other by flying over. Also, “family” isn’t just your siblings and parents; all your relatives are included, so it may be just easier to get to one of these rather than your parents/siblings.


Whenever you need help for anything, who is normally the first one to help you? I’m guessing that it’s probably someone in your family. Whether you are confused on a homework question, or need help solving a problem, your family is just a call away! Everyone is good at something, so a lot of the things you may need guidance in are covered.


I love my family for all these reasons. Remember, though; this doesn’t mean that I DON’T get mad at my family sometimes. All families have their up’s and down’s! ☺☻☺☻


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15 comments to Blog Challenge-Week 9-Doing My Best

  1. Miss W. says:

    Well done Aashi,
    A great post about how you have family for life even though you might be separated by distance. With Skype and other technology, it is now easier to speak to each other as well.

    Before I put this post in the magazine, I would like to know who owns the images. You need to add the attribution at the bottom of your post.

    Once you have done that, come back to the blogging challenge post and leave me another comment so I can visit again and see the attribution.

  2. Wesna rawofi says:

    My sister and especially my older brother bugs me alot but at the end of the day we all are happy and together

  3. mack360 says:

    U have a awesome blog I like ur post and keep up the awesome work

  4. mark110gst says:

    Awesome job Aashi!
    I really liked how you talked about how each family has their ups and downs. I also liked how you touched upon you family always being there for you. I also like how (2nd paragraph) you explained to the reader that your families support doesn’t stop once your grown up, they will be there for you no matter what.
    Great post Aashi, keep up the good work!

    • Aashi says:

      Hello Mark!

      Thank you for your comment on this post. Do you have a blog on Edublogs? Can you [please leave a link so that I can perhaps visit it? I think that it would be very interesting.

  5. Ms. Mara says:

    Hello Aashi,

    You have written a wonderful post about family, and I agree with what Mark said; I also liked how you talked about how families will have their ups and downs. I don’t think that there is a family out there who hasn’t had their share of ups and downs, but that is what family is all about, the ups and downs, and learning from them.

    The part where you talked about – that if your siblings annoy you, they’re just having fun with you – is something I am always reminding my children about. Either they both have to agree to stop picking on each other, or understand it is all in the name of fun love. It can be tough sometimes. :mrgreen:

    And trust me, as a mom, when my children do their chores and help clean up around the house, it is such a tremendous help, more than they realize. So, you are right on target with that thought. 🙂

    Keep up your beautiful thoughts.

    Ms. Mara (homeschool mom – participating in the student blog challenge)

    P.S. I added your post to our class Padlet wall about family. Here is the link: Homeschool Towers

    • Aashi says:

      I saw the Padlet Wall, and have noticed that there are lots of posts on “Family”! That blog is also very interesting. I also think that if all siblings would stop picking on each other, it would be peaceful, but then, it wouldn’t be fun to actually have a brother/sister!

      • Ms. Mara says:

        I think you may be right. Sometimes, the joy of having a brother or sister is the picking on each other part. I guess it is a fine balance between whether or not it is done in a mean way or in a sisterly/brotherly love way. That is what is most important, knowing that the other one really loves and cares about you.

        For instance: My daughter is sad at the thought that her brother will probably go to college next year, and she is already missing the thought that he might not be there to “pick on” each other. She used to hate it, but now she knows how much he cares about her, so it makes their silly antics with each other “fun.”

        Also, the strange thing is that I will probably miss their ridiculous squabbles and silly antics too.

  6. anisabrada123 says:

    Aashi every thing you right is intresting

    • Ms. Mara says:

      Thank you. I am so glad you think so.

      Sometimes, I tend to go on a bit. I start off thinking that I am going to write a short, simple comment. Then, all of these thoughts start flooding my brain and push their way out through my fingertips and onto the keyboard, presenting themselves before me on the computer screen. When I get done typing, I think, “Wow! How did I wind up having so much to say?” 🙂

      The funny thing is that when I was younger, I was extremely shy and never would have had the courage to comment or do the whole blogging thing, especially not if other people could see my work. I would have been afraid of people not liking my work or what I had to say, which sadly, kept me from trying a lot of things when I was younger. It was not until I became an adult that I began to have the courage to believe in me, which is why the slogan to my blog is: “Believe in You, always! Something I still have to remind myself of once in a while. Life is certainly a wondrous journey of learning.

      Also, you are doing an awesome job with you blog! Your pet horse is adorable; Midnight is the perfect name. And I love the floating (flowers?), not sure exactly what they are, but they are cheery and not too distracting. Just the right amount. Keep up the great work!

      Oh dear, now I am going on again, and my comment that started out to be a short one has turned into another long one. I better go before I think of something else to say. 🙂

      • Aashi says:

        Thank you for the kind words, Ms. Mara. I agree that your comments are quite long, but it’s okay, because a lot of the information in there is interesting! Your slogan for your blog is very good, and encouraging.


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