Blog Challenge-Week 9-Narrative

This week, I made a narrative as my best blog post. I have the whole story, and I have also put it into a comic. Hope you enjoy it!

My mom is a MONSTER!

Once there lived a woman whose name was Jane and was a mother to 3 kids-John, Sara and George.  She was very kind and helpful during the day, but when the sun set and the kids were sound asleep, she turned into an EVIL MONSTER!

Jane’s eyes turned from a peaceful blue to a spooky green. Her hair turned from a soft brown to a faded white. This was not normal for a human, but when she was young, one of the members from the CHC (Creepy Humans of Carsem) club had inserted a special device in her. She turned this way every night, but no one noticed. Jane would never talk about it because she never remembered what happened during the night.

One day, when the kids woke up, all the trees around them had fallen. Nobody knew how. There had been no notice of a storm, but that was the only possible answer, so everyone thought that, including Jane-but John still thought that there was something fishy about it.

That night, John had a bad dream so he went to his mother’s room-but strangely she wasn’t there. So he went to his sibling’s rooms. He woke them up-at least tried to! George wouldn’t wake up, so he just told his sister, Sara the story. After listening to it, Sara said, “You’re mistaken. It was probably just thunder.”John sighed, “What should I do now? Maybe Sara’s right. I should just go to sleep.” A little while later, John heard the sound again. This time, his sister had heard it too. She came in his room and told him, “We’re going to investigate,” and left him no time to think about it.

Soon, they were busy sneaking around outside. “I think the thing is gone,” said John. Just as he said that, they heard it again. “It’s coming from that way!” exclaimed Sara. “Now that way!” said the excited yet exhausted John. They kept doing that until they saw a quick glimpse of the creepy monster. Then they saw more of it. “Doesn’t that look a bit like mom?” questioned Sara. “It really does!” replied John. “No…wait…that can’t be…she has brown hair and blue eyes; not white hair and green eyes,” murmured Sara.

“What are you talking about?” asked John. “I really think that IS mom,” replied his sister, shocked. “Now that you think about it, you might be right; she wasn’t here when I woke up,” said John. His surprised sister replied, “Then why didn’t she tell us about it? That is the only question, though. Everything else makes sense. Let’s go back now. We can tell her tomorrow morning.”

Here is the comic….

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  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Aashi,
    Your class has done a great job with the narratives and comics. Well done, but it would have been easier to read if you had used some paragraphs in your narrative.

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